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3 physical therapy methods that can ease torn meniscus symptoms

Meniscus tears are an injury that occurs when the shock absorbers located in the knee become damaged due to a sudden impact or a forceful twist. This is a more common injury than you might think. Studies have shown that 61 out of every 100,000 Americans have torn a meniscus in their knee at some point in their lives. This number is even higher among athletes, manual laborers, and men and women in the armed forces.

A torn meniscus can cause pain and swelling in the knee, as well as difficulty in moving the knee. While severe tears may often require surgery, the pain and lack of mobility caused by a torn meniscus can often be treated with physical therapy. 

How can physical therapy treat torn meniscus symptoms?

Physical therapy has been proven to be an effective conservative treatment for treating meniscus tears. In one study, patients who underwent physical therapy showed similar results to patients who had undergone surgery. Here are three physical therapy methods that your physical therapist may use to treat a meniscus tear:

  1. Joint mobilization — A torn meniscus can often make it difficult to bend and move the knee joint. This is due to the knee sometimes catching or locking. A physical therapist will employ gentle force to move your affected joints, helping them to regain their natural mobilization and relieve stiffness.
  1. Manual therapy — Your physical therapist can employ hands-on techniques to manipulate the soft tissue around your knee. This helps to break up scar tissue and increase circulation, which helps to relieve pain and restore flexibility to your knee.
  1. Therapeutic exercises — To prevent your meniscus from becoming torn again in the future, it is important to exercise your leg and knee. Therapeutic exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of your knee and leg without putting too much pressure on your injury. 

These exercises can also help to improve your posture and your movement. Learning the best ways to move your body can help to prevent injuries such as a torn meniscus from occuring in the future.

Can Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation treat my torn meniscus injury?

The physical therapy specialists at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are trained to care for a wide variety of sports-related injuries, including meniscus tears, tennis elbow and more. Our team will work with you to discover the source of your pain and discomfort and offer you a custom plan of treatment to help get you back on your feet.

For trusted physical therapy services in eastern New Jersey, look no further than Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.

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