Improved cardiovascular health. Reduced pain in joints. Better appetite control. Improved sleep. These are just a few of the benefits that cardio can offer. 

Unfortunately, far too many people tend to avoid cardio or any other type of exercise. One study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that only about 23% of Americans are getting enough exercise. Physical therapists can help you find exercises you’ll enjoy. They can help you find cardio exercises that even a cardio hater can get into. 

These three cardio exercises can be fun even for cardio haters

Most people think of jogging or running when they think of doing cardio. Endless miles on a treadmill or out on the street can seem boring, but cardio is so much more than just running. In fact, any exercise that gets your heart pumping can be helpful to your cardiovascular fitness. 

Your physical therapist can recommend cardio exercises that even cardio haters can enjoy, including: 

Jumping rope — You probably haven’t jumped rope since you were in school. But it can be a fun way to get in more cardio. Jumping rope works your arms, legs, shoulders and back in addition to your lungs and heart. Additionally, doing this exercise for just 10 minutes has the same effect as jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) — This is another excellent option for people who don’t like traditional cardio. HIIT involves doing an exercise at high intensity for short intervals and taking a short break. Some exercises common to HIIT circuits include pushups, squats and burpees. Your physical therapist can help you combine the exercises you enjoy into an effective HIIT routine. 

Trampolining — Jumping on a trampoline can produce benefits far beyond how fun it is. In fact, a NASA study reports that rebound exercises like trampolining are the most efficient and effective form of exercise you can do. You’ll also place less stress on your joints while trampolining than you would if you were jogging. 

Want to ensure that you can do cardio exercises? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help!

There are many fun cardio exercises you can try even if you don’t like traditional cardio. However, you’ll still need to ensure that your body is ready for these exercises. That’s where our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help you. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint issues that can affect your cardio sessions. Our team can also build you a personalized therapy plan designed to address such issues and reduce your risk of a training injury. 

Can’t make it into one of our physical therapy clinics? That’s OK! We offer therapy services that patients can use right from their own home, including virtual therapy and at-home care sessions. You can even begin using our therapy services without a referral from your doctor. 

Don’t wait to start getting our help. Contact our team today for more information about all the therapy services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment. 


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