Athletes. Arthritis sufferers. People with poor posture. These are just a few of the people who can benefit from doing some daily stretching exercises. 

Doing a regular stretching routine can offer many benefits. Our physical therapists can help you learn three beneficial reasons why you need to start stretching. 

  1. Increased muscle power

Your muscles provide the power to move just about every structure in your body. They make walking possible, and your muscles also allow you to lift objects ranging from light to heavy. 

A reason why you need to start stretching is that tight muscles tend to be less powerful. Dynamic stretching can help warm up your muscles before you work out or do vigorous activities. In turn, this can help increase the amount of muscle power you have available. For instance, doing some arm circles can help get your shoulders and arms ready for lifting weights. 

  1. Reduced pain

Lower back pain is a common issue for athletes; it’s reported that up to 30% of athletes report having lower back pain at some point. If you’re experiencing lower back pain, this is a reason you should start stretching. 

Stretching your legs can be as important as stretching your back. In fact, your hips, upper thighs and hamstrings can all play a big part in creating lower back pain relief. Likewise, improving your posture through stretching your torso can provide the kind of support you need to keep your spine from compressing. This can also help reduce the likelihood of developing lower back pain. 

  1. Improve head and neck posture

Poor head and neck posture is a growing problem. Researchers from one study found that almost 64% of university students have forward head posture. This type of poor posture can be caused by spending lots of time looking down at a cellphone or computer screen. 

One reason to start stretching more is that certain neck and shoulder stretches can help improve poor head and neck posture. A study shows that physical therapists can help you learn stretches that can improve your posture and reduce the pain poor posture can cause. This study reveals that 75% of patients who used a therapy plan that included stretches had reduced pain. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help you start stretching

Have the reasons above convinced you to start stretching? Consider getting started through physical therapy. Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team can walk you through the best ways to tackle your situation. Static or dynamic stretching? Pre- or post-activity stretching? Our physical therapists can help you learn the basics.

We also offer free screenings that can help you learn the muscles you most need to stretch. Additionally, our team can build you an individualized therapy program to address tight muscles. We even offer virtual therapy and at-home care sessions that allow you to get help from home, and you can use any of our therapy services even if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Contact our team today for more information about our physical therapy services or to schedule an initial appointment. 


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