Hamstring Injury Treatment

Hamstring injuries are common for certain people. For instance, people who play sports are at greater risk of a hamstring injury. Also, people who run a lot have a high risk of hamstring injury. If you’ve injured your hamstring recently, you may be wondering where you can find the most beneficial hamstring injury treatment.

Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team is ready to help eastern New Jersey residents find the physical therapy you need. One lesson we’ve learned from working with our patients is that personalized therapy is more effective. In fact, our team applies this lesson to every patient we see using a three-step process.

First, our team will perform an evaluation of your injury. This will help us determine precisely what’s wrong and how it’s affecting you. Second, we’ll take some time to listen to any questions or concerns you have. The third, and final, step our team will take is to combine evidence-based therapies and achievable goals to create a personalized plan for your hamstring injury treatment.

One therapy we may use in your hamstring injury treatment

The hamstring is one of three muscles located on the back of the thigh. Their job is to help move both your hip and knee, and they’re highly prone to injury. There are many therapies that can be used in hamstring injury treatment, but one of the most commonly used is Active Release Techniques®.

Also called active release, Active Release Techniques® are a set of movements designed to break down scar tissue that forms when soft tissue is injured. Active release was created over 30 years ago, but its 500 specific movements are still commonly used to help patients with many types of soft tissue injuries.

There are two primary components of active release treatments. The first component is soft tissue massage. The massaging component is designed to help release scar tissue, or adhesions, in the injured tissue. To accomplish the massage, our therapist will use their hands to apply precisely calculated movements and force to your injury. At the same time, they’ll also have you perform the second component of active release, which is one of the 500 program-specific movements. These movements are designed to move the injured tissue from a shortened to a lengthened position, and they help further break up adhesions.

In addition to active release, our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation may also use other therapies in your hamstring treatment, including:

  • Targeted stretches
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Electrical stimulation

If you’re ready to get effective hamstring injury treatment, Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is here for you. All you have to do to start your treatment with us is take one easy initial step.

Contact  our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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