Neck Pain

Physical therapy for neck pain isn’t hard to find in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation can help you find therapies to treat many types of pain, and one therapy we often use is active release. 

Our team is proud to offer physical therapy services to the residents of Woodbridge, New Jersey. We are committed to helping you do everything possible to return to a life without pain. Our team relies on our personalized therapy plans to help us accomplish this goal. We’re always ready to listen to your concerns and respond to your questions about your treatment. All of this helps us to set reachable therapy goals for you, and the most common goal that our patients set for themselves with neck problems is neck pain reduction. 

How active release helps you meet your goal of reducing neck pain

Our team has many therapy methods we may use to treat your neck pain. Having so many methods is helpful because you may not benefit from exactly the same type of therapy as other patients. A variety of neck issues may also be responsible for the pain you’re dealing with. For instance, our team may use different techniques to help you recover from a car accident-related neck injury than we will if you have osteoarthritis in your neck. 

Active release is one of the techniques that allows our neck treatment plans to be so adaptable. There are three factors that make this technique so effective for neck injuries. The first factor is that it includes massage movements. Massaging your muscles and other soft tissues in your neck allow us to improve blood flow to your injury. 

The second factor that’s a part of active release is directed tension. Directed tension occurs when our therapists apply pressure to your neck in a way that increases your neck muscle tension. This tension then causes your neck muscles to be stretched. Finally, active release can be performed using 500 different movements, although not all of these are designed to help your neck. The combination of massage, helpful movements and directed tension may help to reduce the pain of your neck injury and speed your recovery. 

Are you interested in finding the best treatment for your neck injury? Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is here to help you find it. All it takes to begin your neck pain treatment is getting in contact with the helpful staff at our Woodbridge, New Jersey office now and scheduling your first appointment. 

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