Experiencing Knee Pain When Bending?

Experiencing pain when bending the knee is a very common symptom and can be an indicator of a number of specific knee injuries. Sprained or torn ligaments, overuse injuries, mechanical problems and arthritis are just a few examples of issues that can disrupt normal knee functioning. If you are dealing with knee pain when bending, it is important to seek diagnosis and treatment if you have been dealing with this issue for more than a few days to a week. 

To help you better understand the diagnostic and treatment process for most knee issues, we’re sharing the following informative and helpful guide. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or if you’d like to learn more about how we can provide treatment for knee pain. 

Diagnosing knee pain when bending

For many patients with difficulties moving the knee without pain, the first step is to see a physician, such as a primary care doctor, for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. By performing a physical examination and ordering diagnostic imagery like an X-ray, doctors can identify the underlying cause of knee pain when bending. 

Physical therapists are also often consulted regarding knee pain, whether they are referred to by a physician or patients seek them out themselves. A qualified physical therapist can make treatment recommendations based on the following:  

  • A hands-on examination 
  • Review of imagery and medical history
  • Movement and balance tests to identify the sources of pain 

From there, he or she can help you devise an effective treatment program based on your individual situation. 

Treatment for knee pain when bending

The goal of physical therapy for knee pain when bending is to relieve pain while improving strength, stability and range of motion in the joint. Specific methods will vary from patient to patient, but typically include some combination of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy. 

At Arrow, we’ve helped large numbers of patients with knee pain when bending find relief and return to their favorite people and activities. Above all, we believe in patient-centered care and a collaborative approach to treatment that means a custom-tailored plan for your unique lifestyle and condition. 

To learn more, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment. 

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