At-home Physical Therapy

Whether your injury is too severe to be able to travel to a physical therapy office, or you are seeking at-home physical therapy in Woodbridge, New Jersey for your elderly friend or relative, we can help you at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. It is so important to be able to receive the treatment you need, wherever you can get it, and if that means you need to receive treatment at home, that’s not a problem!

Being able to receive at-home physical therapy has many benefits, including the following.

Avoiding further injuries or falling while traveling

Especially for those who already have a serious injury, or who are elderly, the risk of reinjuring, or obtaining a new injury while traveling to a physical therapist is far too great. A physical therapist can travel to you, fully assess your body and condition, and provide you with treatment without the added risk.

Helping you rework your home to your needs

Sometimes a patient’s home can be the greatest risk for their current condition. If you have trouble with weak muscles and balancing, having too many objects around your home can be extremely dangerous for you. A physical therapist can not only assess your physical condition and provide a treatment plan for you, but also help evaluate your living conditions and show you how you can set up your home to avoid further injury.

Regaining independence

Whether your physical therapy is intensive or short-term, being able to do it from your own home can give you a sense of independence. You’ll be able to go through your treatment in a place that is most familiar to you, giving you the tools to do the tasks you need to do on a daily basis without struggling as much as you had since your injury. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned and if you are able to, go about your day without as much help as before. This can help you get back to a normal routine, which is great motivation and should be marked as a great success on your journey.

Great post-surgery treatment

Following a major surgery, limited mobility can make it difficult to go anywhere outside of your home. At-home physical therapy is the perfect option for anyone with a small range of motion and needs assistance.

Contact Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today to schedule an initial appointment or to learn more about at-home physical therapy in Woodbridge, New Jersey. We would love to go over your current situation and develop a great treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.


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