Take extra care at this point in the season to avoid sports injuries in Woodbridge

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The fall sports season has reached its approximate halfway mark, which means competition is heating up and interesting plotlines are developing as athletes plow through the remainder of their schedules. Unfortunately, this point of the season also means something else for many athletes: fatigue. Training for months can take a toll on the body and lead to pain and soreness, but we have some tips for you that will reduce your chances of experiencing any sports injuries in Woodbridge before the season’s end.

Although the fall season may have officially started up only in late August or so, certain team sports like football and soccer—especially elite programs—begin training well before the season actually opens up. In some cases, athletes may have participated in a sport over the summer as well, giving their bodies little time to rest and recuperate. As a result, both mental and physical fatigue can often set in around this time, leading some to experience the dreaded “mid-season slump.”

This can happen in just about any fall sport, but may be more likely those that are more physically demanding. Hitting a mid-season slump can have all kinds of negative effects on athletes, but the most dangerous is that it increases their chances of experiencing an injury. With pain, soreness and possibly a lack of energy if their season is not going great, athletes who don’t tend to their issues or push themselves too hard can risk injuring themselves and possibly even ending their season if they’re not careful.

Essential tips to avoid mid-season sports injuries in Woodbridge

This is why it’s crucial for young athletes in any sport to take stock of where they’re at, and make some necessary changes if they don’t feel in optimal shape. Doing so will help them to sustain the demands of the remainder of the season and prevent sports injuries in Woodbridge. We recommend the following tips:

  • Stretch properly: stretching is always important, but even more so at this point in the season; in general, it’s best to do dynamic stretching before and static stretching after activity to boost performance and reduce injury risk
  • Perform resistance training: depending on the sport, this type of training may be helpful for keeping your fitness levels high for the rest of the season; the key is to do just enough to maintain strength and abilities, but not to over-train
  • Get sufficient rest: again, this is important all season-long, but now more than ever; try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, which will give your muscles and tissues time to repair and make you properly rested and prepared
  • Don’t play through pain: if you’re dealing with any pain, soreness or tenderness, speak to your coach or athletic trainer about it; treatments like ice, a foam roller or massage may be all that’s needed to address it so it doesn’t progress further

Nobody wants to get injured at any point during a sports season, so play it smart and take the necessary steps to avoid sports injuries in Woodbridge now, and continue competing until the season’s end. For additional tips or to schedule an appointment at any of our four clinics in Union, Woodbridge, Edison or Somerville NJ, contact Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at 732-388-4184, or click here for more information.


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