There’s a misconception out there that only playing tennis can cause tennis elbow. However, there are many other repetitive movements that can lead to this injury. For instance, using the mouse a lot at work can lead to tennis elbow, and the repetitive movements of some weightlifting exercises mean you can get tennis elbow from lifting, too. 

What is tennis elbow?

The formal name medical professionals use for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. This condition occurs when the tendons on the outside of your elbow become inflamed and painful, and the most common cause of the inflammation is repetitive movements. The affected tendons are responsible for attaching the forearm muscles to the elbow bones. The relationship between these structures means that any frequently performed forearm movement can lead to tennis elbow. In fact, these types of movements are what can lead to tennis elbow from lifting. 

How does weightlifting cause tennis elbow? 

Getting tennis elbow from weightlifting is much easier than you might think. But how does it happen exactly? 

Well, let’s look at an example of an exercise that can cause this condition. The biceps curl is a common weightlifting exercise, and it also involves moving the elbow. During this exercise, your arm moves from a straight position to a bent position and back again. On its own, this movement won’t necessarily cause tennis elbow, but there are some situations where it could. 

For instance, people who are using too much weight in this exercise are putting extra stress on the elbow tendons. This tension can increase even further if you’re allowing the weight to twist your forearm. Also, you may be doing too many sets of biceps curls in each workout, or you might be doing this exercise too frequently throughout your workout week. Alone or in combination, any of these issues can lead to irritated and inflamed elbow tendons. These issues can also be caused by many other weightlifting exercises. 

Get your tennis elbow from weightlifting treated at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Has a weightlifting issue caused you to develop tennis elbow? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has a team who can help you. To get your treatment started, we’ll do a complimentary screening, and this is intended to help us gather as much information as possible about your condition. Next, our team will use this information to build you a personalized treatment plan. Having so many therapy techniques at our disposal helps us provide this personalized care, and your plan may include techniques such as: 

Don’t wait to get our help with your tennis elbow. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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