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Neck Pain

Anyone who has experienced neck pain, whether caused by sleeping with your neck in the wrong position or an injury, can testify to the debilitating nature of it. Neck pain can make the simplest tasks,  such as putting on your shoes or driving, seem difficult, While neck pain should always be diagnosed and treated by a medical doctor, there are some at-home treatments you can do while you are waiting for your appointment. These treatments are designed to temporarily relieve your neck pain, not to cure it. You should always follow up with a physician if your neck pain continues for longer than two days.

Three ways to relieve your neck pain at home

Neck pain can stem from a number of causes, though the most common cause of neck pain is a pinched nerve in the cervical spine. There are many treatment options that a physical therapist or other medical doctor can help you with to achieve lasting pain relief. However, you also have a few at-home options to help you get through the day until you can get in to see your doctor.

Check out these three at-home remedies for neck pain relief: 

  • Stretching. Stretching is an effective method of neck pain relief, especially if the neck pain is caused by sleeping in the wrong position or tight muscles from tension or exercise. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, and tilt your head down toward the right side of your chest. You should feel a pulling in the muscles in the back of your neck. Be careful to not stretch too far and damage your muscles. Switch to the other side. If necessary, place your hand behind your head and gently pull your head down further, deepening the stretch of your neck muscles.
  • Hot and cold compresses. In many cases of neck pain, an inflamed muscle is pressing on a pinched nerve in the neck. To help reduce the inflammation in the muscles and relieve the pain, you can apply hot and cold compresses to the area of the neck that hurts. As the muscle swelling decreases, the pressure on the pinched nerve will decrease and the pain will temporarily lessen.
  • Stay moving. This tip may be counter-intuitive when you are suffering from neck pain, but continual movement helps to loosen the muscles in your neck and reduce the pain you’re experiencing. Your movements should be natural and slow. Avoid any fast or sudden movements.

If you are still experiencing neck pain after two days, schedule an appointment with a physical therapist or other medical doctor to find a treatment plan. At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey, we have a team of trained physical therapists who create personalized treatment plans to help our patients reduce neck pain and other musculo-skeletal pain. If you are in the Woodbridge, Edison or Union area of New Jersey, and you are experiencing neck pain, contact our physical therapy office today to schedule an appointment. Our team is ready to help you achieve long lasting pain relief so you can get back to the life you enjoy. Contact us today!

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