Conservative care from our Woodbridge physical therapists is the best way to tackle low back pain

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Back pain, especially in the lower back, is one of the most commonly seen medical conditions. In fact, if you’ve never experienced low back pain, you’re actually part of the minority, and there is a strong chance you’ll encounter it at some point. The statistics put matters in a shocking perspective: as many as 85% of Americans will encounter low back pain to some degree at least once in their lifetime, but our Woodbridge physical therapists are here to address any pain you may be having with a conservative treatment approach.

Most people who have had low back pain or are dealing with it now know how their pain can make it more difficult to complete everyday tasks that are normally done without much thought. This is one of the main reasons low back pain is also one of the leading causes for missed work due to disability.

Short-lived, or acute low back pain, is more common, while pain that lasts for more than three months is considered chronic and requires additional care. Anyone can get low back pain and it can develop for a variety of reasons, but there are certain factors that increase one’s chances of getting it. These risk factors include older age, poor physical fitness, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, other diseases like arthritis and cancer, risky occupations that may strain the back, smoking, depression and anxiety.

Though it can be a bothersome condition that may interfere with your daily life, fortunately most cases of low back pain will improve with time and with non-surgical, or conservative treatment. Conservative care is strongly recommended in nearly all cases of acute low back pain, and one of the most essential components of this treatment approach is physical therapy. Our Woodbridge physical therapists deal with low back pain patients on a regular basis, and we are experts at determining what may be causing the pain and creating treatment plans to address it. The goal of each treatment program is to decrease pain, increase function and prevent further recurrence, and will usually include:

  • Passive physical therapy: techniques that are performed on the patient without any action on their part, such as ice and/or heat therapy, and ultrasound
  • Active physical therapy: exercises that patients physically perform themselves
    • Stretching exercises for the buttocks, back, spine and hamstrings are helpful for keeping joints flexible and should be done twice a day
    • Strengthening exercises are needed to build the muscles in the back and core, and should be done for 15-20 minutes every other day
    • Low-impact aerobic exercises like walking, biking and swimming are also important and should be done for 30-40 minutes, three times a week
  • Education: we will also provide tips and guidance on how to improve your posture and make other necessary changes that may be contributing to your pain

Low back pain sure can be a burden for many people, but it can be managed with some basic exercises, and our Woodbridge physical therapists are here to help. Click here for more information on low back pain, or to schedule an appointment, call Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Edison, Somerville, Union and Woodbridge, NJ at 732-388-4184.

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