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Discover how Active Release Techniques® can tackle your neck pain

Are you experiencing neck pain and in need of serious relief? Neck pain affects roughly 30% to 50% of adults. Fortunately, physical therapy may be able to help you ease neck pain. A variety of different treatment methods exist just for neck pain, including a category of physical therapy called Active Release Techniques. 

Why Active Release Techniques may help you get neck pain relief

Physical therapists can use a variety of techniques to help their patients find neck pain relief. A common method these specialists use for treating neck pain is Active Release Techniques (ART). This PT category involves a physical therapist applying direct pressure and guided movements to a painful or tense area of soft tissue. The movements are intended to reduce muscle tension and break down scar tissue.

Scar tissue can build up on your neck muscles from even minor damage. Once it builds up, it may cause a variety of issues for you. For instance, it may make it more difficult to move your neck. Scar tissue may even reduce blood flow to your neck and be the root cause of your neck pain.

Physical therapists can help you fight back against scar tissue and tense muscles by going through the application steps for ART, which can include:

  • Doing a comprehensive evaluation to determine what the source of your pain is.
  • Determining which neck soft tissue is involved.
  • Applying pressure on the involved soft tissue and moving it in specific ways that may help to release tension.

The application of ART can have a wide range of benefits to those with neck pain.


5 benefits that using Active Release Techniques can have for someone with neck pain

There are several benefits you may notice as a result of a physical therapist using ART on you, including:

  1. Increasing neck flexibility — Flexibility in your neck can be significantly increased using ART, which is extremely important for reducing neck pain.
  2. Improving range of motion (ROM) — As the results of one study show, ART and other forms of physical therapy can result in significant improvements in your ability to move your neck through its normal ROM.
  3. Reducing levels of pain — Using ART can help decrease pain levels by up to 77%, according to one report.
  4. Decreasing levels of scar tissue — ART can help reduce the amount of scar tissue in your neck, which can help boost range of motion and strength.
  5. Preventing future injury — The methodology of this technique helps build strength and mobility to prevent future chance of injury.


Not sure where to get ART? Arrow PTR can help you get this beneficial neck pain treatment

Our team would like to help you find the neck pain relief you’re searching for with a therapy plan that includes Active Release Techniques. At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we offer free screenings intended to help answer your neck pain questions and determine the source of your pain. Our physical therapists can also build you a custom treatment plan designed to ease neck tension, break up scar tissue and cut your pain.

Contact us today to schedule your free screening and to determine if physical therapy is the right option for you.

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