Shoulder pain can occur from multiple injuries, whether it’s breaking your collarbone, tearing your rotator cuff, or dislocating your shoulder, just to name a few, and the pain can range from mild discomfort to very severe. It can also be due to simple overuse, sleeping on it the wrong way, or exercising incorrectly, but whatever the case, it can be extremely uncomfortable and should be addressed immediately.

If your shoulder pain is not severe enough to be addressed with surgery, there are types of exercises you can do to help alleviate the pain and get your shoulder back to normal.

Range of motion

As you experience shoulder pain, it has probably been challenging for you to be able to use your arm to its full potential. It’s important to work toward getting your entire range of motion back so that you can do anything without feeling pain. Stretches that focus on this include standing up and leaning over, facing the floor, and letting your injured arm hang down. As it is hanging down toward the floor, start moving it in small circles, letting them progressively get bigger. You should do this at least five times a day. If the pain is getting worse or persisting through the exercise, try something different.

Lifting light weight

If your pain is not severe, lifting light weight can help you stretch out your shoulder and regain a full range of movement. A few times a day, lift a few pounds of weight over your head, paying attention how your shoulder feels the entire time. If you experience pain, stop, if you feel as though it is helping you, then repeat a few times a day to help you build your strength back.

Physical therapy

Working with an educated professional, like the ones we have here at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, can help you develop a treatment plan that can be of great benefit to your healing process. You will learn proper exercises, stretches and more, making your recovery much more stress-free and time-consuming.

Contact Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation today to get relief from your shoulder pain today.

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