With dangerous icy conditions on the way, follow these tips for fall prevention in Edison

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Winter weather can prove to really mess with your travel plans. Snow, freezing rain and “wintry mix” can all interfere with our ability to get around, but worst of all is the ice that often comes afterwards. Ice on driveways, walkways and parking lots poses a serious risk for falls, especially for the elderly and those who have difficulty walking during these next few months. That’s why we present you with these tips for fall prevention in Edison to follow throughout the winter.

One of the biggest problems with ice is that in many cases it isn’t seen. A thin layer of ice might cover a sidewalk or walkway, and without inspecting it properly—especially if it’s dark and there isn’t enough lighting—it’s very possible to walk on it without even noticing it’s there, which can easily lead to a fall. Every winter, falls claim the lives of hundreds of people, and leave many more with long-term injuries. These falls may occur from any number of causes, but icy conditions are often to blame.

For those who do experience a fall, especially older adults that may already have issues getting around, long-term disability often occurs that makes walking and normal daily activities even more difficult. Falls can lead to a number of different injuries, but most commonly they cause back muscle strains, head injuries and possible concussion, and fractures to the tailbone, hips, forearms, legs and ankles.

Save yourself from a fall by using caution any time you walk outdoors throughout the winter, especially if there’s any chance of ice on the ground. At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we recommend these tips for fall prevention in Edison, NJ:

10 Tips to help prevent a fall winter

  • 1) Use the sidewalk and avoid walking in the street whenever possible
  • 2) Don’t impair your vision with a hats, ski mask, scarf or anything else that will prevent you from spotting a hazard
  • 3) Bend your knees and take small steps when walking on ice
  • 4) Walk slowly and never run outdoors under any circumstances
  • 5) Be sure you’re wearing proper footwear any time there may be ice: boots are best, but any pair of shoes with good traction and a rubber sole will do; if need be, wear proper footwear while traveling and bring a pair to change into
  • 6) Test potentially icy spots by tapping the area with your foot first
  • 7) Remove snow and water from your shoes when entering buildings
  • 8) Keep both hands free (not in your pockets) for balance, use handrails whenever they are available and don’t carry any heavy loads
  • 9) Don’t jump out of vehicles; instead, step out carefully and look for ice
  • 10) Shovel and salt your driveways and walkways (or have someone else do it)

Getting around in icy conditions often requires additional planning and may take longer than usual, but the extra time and effort will be worth it if it prevents you from falling on ice this winter. For more information on fall prevention in Edison, Somerville, Union or Woodbridge, NJ, or for any other aches or pains you may be experiencing, call Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation at 732-494-0895 to schedule an appointment.

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