Back Pain Remedies

Back pain is something that many Americans suffer from on a daily basis. Due to this, back pain remedies are on the minds of so many as they try to relieve the pain that plagues them while doing even the simplest of tasks. Whether the pain is the result of a car accident, sports injury, or even just sleeping awkwardly, finding a remedy that works for you and your body is key to easing the pain you’re experiencing. Here are five back pain remedies that you should take advantage of.

  • Get up and move


If you are experiencing low-back pain that is sudden and short-term, the key is to keep moving. If you think staying in bed to rest and relax is the right approach, you may not be helping as much as you hoped. You should actually try to keep your muscles active, warm and loose by stretching. The faster you get to moving around, the faster your back should heal so long as it is not a severe injury.

  1. Correct your posture

Back pain remedies may be as simple as evaluating your posture and correcting it. Many of us don’t realize the way we sit or stand is incorrect and damaging to our spine and the muscles around it. It can also be due to your posture while you work out with weights. Remember, always lift with your legs and not your back! So be sure to think about your posture throughout the day, and stand and sit straight without overcompensating. Focus on your back remaining straight and engaged during workouts and be sure to stretch before and after each session.

  1. Strengthen your core

If you’re experiencing frequent back pain, you would most likely benefit from strengthening your core. If you have a weak core, the muscles around it have to compensate when you do everything from walking to lifting, increasing the chances of straining your back. So if you work on building your strength in your abdominals, you may be able to take the stress off of your lower back and help alleviate any discomfort you are feeling.

  1. Ice and heat the area

One of the best back pain remedies is alternating between ice and heat in the affected area. First you want to use ice, especially if there is obvious swelling or bruising. Then you can move to heat and stretch out your back throughout the day, working toward increased mobility and more comfort as your back heals.

  1. Contact a physical therapist

Working with a physical therapist to relieve chronic or severe discomfort in your back can be one of the most successful back pain remedies you could choose. Your physical therapist will work with you to create an exercise and treatment plan targeted at your specific needs, which strengths your muscles while easing your pain.

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