Telehealth physical therapy offers a way for patients to connect with their physical therapist virtually through a secured video platform. If you’re considering physical therapy to help treat your chronic pain, or if you want to continue your physical therapy sessions while still honoring the shelter-in-place mandate of most areas, telehealth physical therapy may be your best option. 

There are several benefits to choosing telehealth physical therapy, even when we are not all experiencing stay-at-home orders. In fact, we’ve seen so many positive things come out of this service that we’ve opted to keep it long-term. Check out the four top benefits of choosing virtual physical therapy for your pain relief treatment:

You can adjust to life’s curveballs Life is seldom predictable, but with telehealth physical therapy, you can adapt to unexpected circumstances without having to put your recovery goals on hold. So, whether you are home from work with a sick child or you are running late due to a last-minute meeting at the office, virtual physical therapy allows you to adjust your schedule without having to reschedule your appointment. 

You don’t have to find transportation Not everyone has easy access to transportation. Whether you are elderly or just having car issues, opting for virtual physical therapy eliminates the obstacle of finding a ride to and from one of our clinics. 

You can recover in your own home Sometimes, recovering from a surgery makes coming into a clinic for treatment a bit difficult. If you’re experiencing limited mobility after surgery, choosing telehealth physical therapy for your first few recovery sessions may be exactly what your body needs.

You can catch your breath — In the midst of a crazy week, sometimes it’s just nice to take that extra 20 minutes you would have spent commuting to and from one of our clinics and instead, enjoy a cup of coffee and catch your breath. A virtual physical therapy appointment lets you do that. 

To learn more about the benefits of telehealth physical therapy, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today. 

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