lower back pain treatmentLower back pain can often prevent you from participating in activities you enjoy, such as walking, running or gardening. Due to the constant ache and shooting pain that is often associated with lower back pain, once-simple tasks can suddenly become seemingly impossible. However, if you are experiencing chronic lower back pain that has caused you to miss out on life, you should know that there are nonsurgical treatments available that can help reduce your pain.

At Arrow Physical Therapy in New Jersey, we work with patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back pain, and we have helped many find relief. Our team often combines many of these nonsurgical treatments to not only relieve the pain in the lower back, but also to strengthen the lower back to help prevent future conditions from developing. If you are dealing with chronic lower back pain, take a moment to read through these four nonsurgical lower back pain treatment options.

  • Stretching – Stretching can help reduce the inflammation in your core muscles that are compressing a nerve in your lower back. If your muscles are overworked due to fatigue or torn due to improper movements or lifting, inflammation can build in the muscle. When that happens, a nearby nerve in the lower back can become pinched, causing pain and other symptoms like numbness, tingling and burning to develop in the lower back and extremities. Daily stretches can help reduce this pain and also prevent it in the future.
  • Hot and cold compress – If your lower back pain is caused by muscle spasms or inflammation, a hot and cold compress can help reduce the inflammation in the muscles and relieve the pressure on your pinched nerve. This is a good treatment option for lower back pain that is minor and caused by temporary muscle injury.
  • Physical therapy –  Physical therapy uses a combination of exercises and stretches to strengthen the core muscles that protect the spine, specifically the lumbar spine in the lower back. If your lower back pain is caused by a spine-related condition, such as a bulging disc, physical therapy will help to reduce the pressure on the spine that is causing the disc to bulge by building up the supporting muscles around it. Over time, this can help reduce your lower back pain and also prevent future spine conditions from developing.
  • Pain medication – In some cases, pain medication may help reduce lower back pain. Pain medication should always be prescribed and monitored by a doctor, and should never be used as a long term solution for pain relief if other options are available.


If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain and you are ready to take the next step toward finding pain relief, contact our team of physical therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy in New Jersey. Our team can develop a personalized treatment plan that targets that cause of your pain and fits into your current lifestyle, and we will walk with you every step of the way toward pain relief. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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