Each year it is estimated that more than 2.5 million Americans undergo hip replacement surgery, so if you’ve recently undergone or are planning to undergo this procedure, you’re not alone. Even for a completely successful procedure, it can take weeks or months to recover, depending on a range of factors. To ensure a successful outcome, it is critical to follow the instructions provided to you by your treatment team, including undergoing physical therapy. 

Working with a qualified physical therapist can provide a number of key benefits to help you recover from your hip replacement surgery. We want to help you make an informed treatment decision, which is why we’re sharing this helpful guide. 

Here’s why you should attend physical therapy after hip replacement surgery

Reasons not to overlook physical therapy after hip replacement surgery include: 

It gets you moving — One of the best things you can do after any type of surgery is to become mobile and active as quickly as possible, and physical therapy does just that in a safe and supervised environment. 

It helps strengthen the hips — People who have been dealing with long-term hip problems combined with a surgical procedure often have weak hips that need to be strengthened. A physical therapist can work with you to perform strengthening exercises to improve hip functioning. 

It promotes healing — Blood flow and mobilization are as much a part of the healing equation as rest. Working with a therapist can help the surgical site and incision heal as quickly as possible. 

It prevents future injuries — With manual therapy, exercises and healthy lifestyle tips, physical therapy can help patients improve posture and biomechanics to not only ensure a successful outcome, but to also minimize the risk of future hip problems. 

To get the most out of these benefits, it’s important to find a therapist whom you can develop a strong working relationship with. 

Physical therapy after hip replacement surgery at Arrow Physical Therapy

At Arrow, we’ve helped many patients experience a speedy recovery and positive outcome after hip replacement surgery. We believe in compassionate care and individualized treatment plans that are customized for your needs and lifestyle goals. We’ll strive to provide continuity of care with your surgical team. In fact, we’re proud to be members of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Rehabilitation Network. This is a specially recognized group of physical therapy and rehabilitation centers that serve the New York tri-state area and other regions.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today. We’ll be glad to schedule your initial appointment at one of our conveniently located clinics.