Fear of falling isn’t limited to elderly people, but it is something that many older people deal with daily. 

Unfortunately, this fear is based on a very real danger. In fact, medical researchers report that every year about 3 million older people are treated for fall injuries. Physical therapists can help you find effective tips for elderly fall prevention that are practical and easy to implement. 

These four elderly fall prevention tips are simple to implement and effective

Modifying your environment is one of the key ways you can improve elderly fall prevention. Here are four tips that can help elderly people modify their home effectively to reduce fall risk: 

Clear up clutter — Piles of magazines. Stacks of old newspapers. Piles of books. Many homes have at least one of these forms of clutter. When they’re on the floor, they can create a tripping hazard. Clearing them up is an easy way to remove this hazard. 

Fix tripping hazards — The fixtures you have in your home can also become a fall risk as you age. Look for things like loose carpet, slippery rugs or stair and hallway runners, or floorboards that are sticking up. Removing or repairing such fixtures eliminates potential sources of future falls. 

Put in handrails and grab bars — It can be helpful to have something to grab onto in areas of your home where you’re likely to feel unbalanced. Areas including stairwells, toilets and showers; installing handrails and grab bars in such locations can help you stay steady and reduce your risk of falling. 

Look at your lighting — It’s almost impossible not to trip over something if you can’t see it. Installing brighter lightbulbs or new light fixtures in high-traffic areas can make it easier to see trip hazards. Nightlights can also be helpful if you need to get up at night. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help with elderly fall prevention

Strengthening your body and improving its mobility can also be an effective way to improve elderly fall prevention. Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team offers vestibular rehab that can help. First, we’ll perform a free screening designed to reveal the issues that are contributing to your poor balance. Next, we’ll construct a personalized vestibular rehab plan for you that is intended to address your specific issues. 

Feel more comfortable doing therapy at home? No problem! Our team is currently offering virtual care and at-home therapy that allow you to get the therapy you need right from home. Additionally, you can use any of our therapy services without first getting a doctor’s referral. 

Are you ready to get our help with improving your balance? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.