Graston Technique® Heals Scars

There are many types of therapy that Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers in Woodbridge, New Jersey. For instance, our team is using the Graston Technique® to help people with scar tissue. 

As with all our therapy plans, this technique is included into your plan to aid in your healing process. Our dedicated team will create a therapy plan for you that’s personalized to your goals and your injury or condition. We’ll also support and encourage you through every step of your therapy plan. All of the therapy and support we offer at our Woodbridge, New Jersey office is aimed at achieving one specific goal: helping you heal as much as possible as quickly as possible. 

How our Woodbridge, New Jersey staff uses the Graston Technique® to promote healing

If you live in Woodbridge, New Jersey, you may have scars on your body. They may be from a childhood accident or something that happened to you as an adult. However, the Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team can tell you that scars can also be internal. For instance, you could develop scar tissue on one of your muscles after tearing it. These muscle scars can be a problem because they may limit the mobility and range of motion in many parts of your body. 

One way that our team may be able to help you reduce muscle scarring is with a therapy called the Graston Technique®. This technique falls into a category that we call instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. In this form of treatment, we’ll use stainless steel tools that are specifically shaped to treat different areas of the body. We’ll use these tools to manipulate your injured skin, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues, and the movement and pressure exerted by the tools are what help to break up the scar tissue. 

One reason that we use this technique is that it has many advantages for you. As we already mentioned, it helps to break down scar tissue. However, this therapy may also help to: 

  • Improve your mobility and range of motion
  • Reduce injury inflammation
  • Decrease the overall length of your recovery process
  • Reduce the amount of pain you have during healing

Thanks to all of these advantages, our team often brings the Graston Technique® together with other therapies. The combination of all these beneficial therapies and practicing them regularly may help you to recover more quickly than you thought you could. But, there’s another factor that may help speed up your recovery and healing. This factor is coming to see us at our Woodbridge, New Jersey office as soon as possible after you’ve been injured.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 


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