Losing the use of the hands, even to a minor degree, can be extremely disruptive to your life. It’s hard to think of a daily activity that we don’t use our hands for, so if an injury or chronic condition is diminishing their functioning, it’s important to be proactive about your care. This can be particularly true of progressive conditions, such as arthritis, that can worsen over time. 

Hand physical therapy  can help patients overcome both chronic conditions and injuries affecting the hands and upper extremities with targeted methods designed to improve overall function. To help you get a deeper understanding of the techniques a hand therapist can use to treat your condition, we’ve prepared the following overview. 

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Physical therapists can use these techniques to treat problems affecting the hands

To be able to provide the individualized care you deserve, therapists need to first understand your medical and treatment history. It is also helpful to ask questions about your symptoms and perform a physical examination to fully gauge your range of motion. There are a number of different approaches that can be taken in developing a hand physical therapy treatment plan, but here are three of the most common methods: 

  1. Therapeutic exercise — A therapist can provide instruction on performing strengthening exercises as well as flexibility exercises that can improve grip strength and fine motor skills. 
  2. Manual therapy — Techniques such as trigger point therapy can help to relax tense muscles in the hands, arms and shoulders while also improving blood flow to the area. 
  3. Neuromuscular training — In many cases, patients will need to learn, or relearn, connections between the brain and hand muscles to accomplish everyday activities. 

Clinicians trained to deliver hand physical therapy can also provide instruction on exercises and lifestyle factors that can be performed at home to help supplement in-office sessions. 

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