In the moment, there can be nothing worse than back pain. Your back is involved in every movement you make, whether it’s working out or just walking from your front door to your car, or even just sitting upright. When you are experiencing pain in this area, it can seem like nothing could possibly work to make you feel better, but don’t get discouraged! There is treatment for back pain, whether mild or severe, which you could potentially benefit from. Here are a few ways to treat your back pain:


If your back feels tight or you’re experiencing pain, some stretching can do the trick. What might be happening is your muscles have tightened up after a day of bad posture, incorrect exercising techniques, or a rough night’s sleep. Everything from yoga in the mornings, to just sitting on the floor and slowly moving from side to side as you reach for your toes can make a huge difference. If you’re experiencing pain from a serious accident, talk to your doctor about which stretches to avoid and which to focus on to steer clear of making the pain any worse.

Exercise your core

If your pain is not a result of a serious injury and you’re just experiencing light pain or discomfort, exercising your core can be what you need. With your abdominals and your back playing a vital role in supporting your lower spine, exercising can help provide more support to your back as you strengthen your muscles and as a result, diminish your discomfort.

Cold and hot compress

Take advantage of a simple remedy like ice packs and heating pads. When you apply a cold compress, it can help reduce inflammation that is causing discomfort in your muscles. Ice packs can also essentially numb your area of pain, making it you more comfortable and keeping your back from spasms throughout the day. Alternating cold compresses with a heating pad will help jumpstart blood flow and encourage your body to heal your affected area. Try taking a hot bath or shower, using a heating pad, or filling up a bottle with warm water, and then applying it to your back. Be sure to alternate this throughout the day, especially at night before you go to bed.

Back pain isn’t fun, and depending on the severity of your pain, there are an array of treatment options to choose from. Contact Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in New Jersey today to speak with one of our specialists on how you can alleviate your back pain as soon as possible.

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