If you have a traumatic injury or have developed a difficult condition, like arthritis, you should consider visiting a physical therapist at Arrow Physical Therapy.

Our physical therapists at Arrow are licensed healthcare professionals with a background in relieving pain and restoring loss of motion. Many doctors recommend visiting a physical therapist as part of a treatment plan for these types of conditions. You can also schedule an appointment with your physical therapist without a doctor’s referral.

Why Union residents should schedule an appointment at Arrow Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists must earn an undergraduate degree, and then further training in a graduate program and then go through an internship before receiving their physical therapy license. After all this training and gaining experience, our physical therapists are well-equipped to help you reduce pain and regain mobility.

The following are some treatments that our physical therapists can help you with:

  • Managing pain
  • Managing arthritis
  • Recovering from injury or surgery
  • Preventing injury
  • Restoring of range of motion or balance
  • Recovering from childbirth
  • Recovering from stroke
  • Getting used to artificial limbs

What happens at a physical therapy appointment?

Your first appointment at Arrow Physical Therapy will usually include an examination, a series of physical tests and some questions about your health and well-being. All of this is taken into consideration before developing a course of action.

Once your physical therapist has developed a treatment plan, he or she will begin working with you to recover from your injury. Your therapist may provide instructions for exercising or stretching at home between appointments. Following these instructions will help you achieve a faster recovery.

Coverage for physical therapy

Physical therapy is covered under most federal, state and personal insurance plans. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about whether or not physical therapy is covered under your plan.

If you are experiencing pain and want to see a physical therapist, contact Arrow Physical Therapy in Union, NJ for an appointment today.

Our location:
1000 Galloping Hill Rd #102
Union, NJ 07083
Phone: (908) 258-8782

You may also visit us at our other locations in Edison or Woodbridge, New Jersey.


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