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Sprained ankles are a common issue, especially for people who play sports or are very physically active. One article published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that there were more than 225,000 emergency room visits for ankle sprains in 2010. Of course, these figures don’t include the many people who didn’t seek treatment for their sprain. If you or someone you know has recently sprained an ankle, finding how long a sprained ankle stays swollen may be important information. However, this figure varies depending on how serious the sprain is. 

Grade one sprain

Grade one sprains cause the least amount of ankle damage, so these ankle sprains often stay swollen for the least amount of time. Usually, this level of sprain involves some overstretched ankle ligaments. This most often leads to soreness and minor swelling. In many cases, grade one sprain symptoms can take up to three weeks to go away completely. However, resting the ankle and physical therapy could help you recover in closer to one week. 

Grade two sprain

These sprains are worse than grade one sprains, and this is mainly because the ankle ligaments are partially torn in a grade two sprain rather than just overstretched. People with this level of sprain will notice swelling immediately after their ankle is injured, and the swelling is often followed by bruising of the ankle. The pain of this injury is typically greater as well. Also, you may feel a slight instability of the ankle when attempting to walk on it, and this is a common indicator of a grade two sprain. Even with proper treatment, this type of sprain often takes between three and six weeks to recover from. 

Grade three sprain

The most serious of all ankle sprains is the grade three sprain. With this level of sprain, the ankle ligaments are often severely torn. In some cases, they may even be torn through completely. Grade three sprains also tend to cause the most severe and long-term swelling, bruising and pain, and complete ankle instability is likely. This means that you’ll be forced to stay off the ankle for an extended period because it won’t be stable enough to support you. You’ll also most likely have to get around using crutches or a knee walker for a while. In all, recovering from a grade three sprain can take two to three months depending on your injury. 

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