Making it through a full day of work. Doing errands like grocery shopping. Eating dinner with your family. Jaw pain and headaches can make these and more normal daily tasks harder. 

Unfortunately, these two issues are far too common, and they’re often linked together. A medical study reports that up to 33% of people have temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). Additionally, researchers reveal that up to 92% of patients with TMD experience episodic or chronic tension headaches. Physical therapy is one option that can help treat these interlinked problems. In fact, physical therapists offer treatments that can offer many benefits to patients with jaw pain and headaches.

Three benefits physical therapy can offer for jaw pain and headache patients

So, how do physical therapists help you find treatment for your jaw pain and headaches? It all starts with an evaluation of your jaw. A physical therapist may also examine your head, neck and shoulders as well. Additionally, they could ask you questions about your medical history or your lifestyle. 

Using this information, a physical therapist can develop a personalized therapy plan for you. This plan can offer benefits like: 

Reducing jaw pain — People with TMD often have pain when opening or closing their jaw. They may even feel pain when their jaw is at rest. One study reveals that physical therapy helped reduce jaw pain by 50%. 

Decreasing pain sensitivity — People with jaw pain often feel their pain increase when lightly touching their jaw. The amount of pressure it takes to feel a sensation of pain is called the pain-pressure threshold (PPT). A study of physical therapy for TMD reports that a patient had a more than 403 unit change in the PPT of the affected side of their jaw. 

Reducing headache frequency — Along with decreasing orofacial pain, physical therapists also seek to reduce the frequency of tension headaches. Techniques like active release and therapeutic exercises can help with this goal. In fact, medical researchers report that a multimethod therapy plan helped decrease headache frequency. These researchers reveal that within six visits the patient’s headaches had decreased from two per week to none. 

Find help for jaw pain and headaches at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Not sure where you can find beneficial physical therapy for your jaw pain and headaches? Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team can help. We offer comprehensive evaluations that can pinpoint the issues behind your symptoms. Our physical therapists are also adept at creating individualized therapy plans designed to reduce pain and headache frequency. 

Don’t have the time to come to one of our clinics for help? No problem! Our team can save you the driving time thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services. We can even help you start getting effective care for your pain if you don’t have a doctor’s or dentist’s referral. 

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