The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is a New York-based hospital that’s at the forefront of medical practice and research. If you live in Edison, New Jersey, you now have access to the services offered by an HSS physical therapy clinic. Here are two services that this clinic can provide to you: 

  1. Adult outpatient therapy

One service that the HSS physical therapy clinic in your area offers is adult outpatient therapy. This type of therapy is done in a clinic, but you don’t have to stay at the clinic after your session is over. Instead, you can go home as soon as your session is complete. Outpatient therapy can help adults deal with many types of injuries and medical issues. 

This type of physical therapy can help patients prepare their bodies before surgery. When it’s used in this way, it’s typically called pre-surgical rehab. Outpatient therapy from an HSS clinic can also help patients find post-surgical rehabilitation. This type of rehab is designed to speed up your recovery. Other common uses for HSS outpatient therapy include injury treatment, vestibular rehab and hand therapy. 

  1. Pediatric rehabilitation

Children can injure themselves just as easily as adults. To some parents, it may even seem like their kids injure themselves more often than any adult. If your child has been injured, the HSS physical therapy clinic in your town can help. In fact, we offer pediatric rehabilitation specifically designed for children.

One of the main goals of HSS pediatric rehab is to educate the parents, caregivers and the child about the injury. Pediatric therapists will also provide instruction on activities the child can do with their injury. They’ll also help parents and caregivers learn which activities the child should avoid because of their injury. These professionals can also help you learn strategies to help prevent similar injuries in the future. These types of education will be combined with many therapy techniques. This combination will allow therapists to create an effective and personalized treatment plan for your child’s injury. 

HSS physical therapy is offered at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Edison, NJ

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is honored to now be part of the HSS Rehabilitation Network. This means that our team has taken part in a rigorous inspection and certification process run by HSS physical therapy experts. As part of this prestigious partnership, our clinic can now offer even more effective services to the people in the Edison area. 

Contact our team  today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment with us. 

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