Is Texting Causing Your Neck Pain?

The question of whether texting is causing your neck pain isn’t hard to answer. This modern staple can actually cause you to develop a painful condition known as text neck. Luckily, the team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation may be able to help you deal with this condition. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation knows that new problems arise as technology advances. However, we’re still committed to helping the residents of Union, Woodbridge and Edison, New Jersey find the physical therapy they need. One condition that we’ve seen more and more in the past few years is text neck. 

The number one reason texting is causing you neck pain

Up until a few years ago, our team had never heard of text neck, and you may not have heard of it either. Now that we’ve begun to see more and more people with this condition, we can help you find out more about it. 

Text neck is a condition that affects children and adults alike. It’s primarily found in people who spend many hours every day bent over their cell phone or tablet. We actually classify this condition as a repetitive stress and overuse injury because its main cause is the poor posture of your neck and head. In fact, the number one reason texting is causing you neck pain is this poor posture. 

Our team knows that your neck is designed to hold up your head. At between 10 and 12 pounds, your head isn’t an easy weight to hold up without good posture. We’ve found that poor posture makes things much harder on your neck. We know that things get harder because when your head is tilted downward, you’re putting anywhere from 50 to 60 pounds of pressure on your neck muscles. To see what this feels like, try holding a fifty pound weight up for one minute. It’s not easy, and our team can tell you that this is exactly how your neck muscles feel. You’ll even start to feel pain after being bent over your phone for hours every day. This pain is essentially your neck muscles telling you that they’re struggling with the weight of your head. 

If you’ve noticed neck pain that you think may be related to text neck, our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team is here to help. We have many therapy methods at our disposal that may help ease your pain. We can also develop a therapy plan for you that may help restore good neck posture and strengthen your neck muscles. 

Don’t let texting continue to cause you neck pain! Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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