Lower Back Pain Treatment

There are many types of therapy that may be used for lower back pain treatment. However, you may not know which therapies are the most beneficial. Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation wants to help you find out some of the benefits cold laser therapy may have for your back pain.

Our Arrow Physical Therapy team is proud to use the most innovative treatment methods in our Edison, Union and Woodbridge, New Jersey clinics. We’ve gained lots of experience with creating personalized therapy plans over the years. One thing we know is a treatment plan is only as good as the therapies it includes. We’ll always talk to you and perform an evaluation to find out exactly what issues you’re experiencing, which will allow us to choose the best therapies for your treatment plan. These strategies we use to determine the most effective therapy plan for you work particularly well for lower back pain treatment plans.

Some benefits cold laser therapy may offer in lower back pain treatment plans

Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy is aware you want the very best lower back pain treatment plan when you’re having lower back issues. One therapy our team may use in this plan is cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy is a method our team uses in lower back recovery plans where the soft tissues of your back have been damaged. This form of therapy uses specific wavelengths of laser light on damaged soft tissues such as muscles, fascii, ligaments and tendons. Cold laser therapy is a simple process. In fact, all you’ll have to do is lie on a padded table, and our therapists will hold a hand-held laser device over the damaged area for a short period of time. This will allow the laser light to penetrate your skin to reach soft tissues up to 5 centimeters below the surface. Because it can reach below your skin like this, cold laser therapy is often used by our team when other soft tissue therapies can’t reach the damaged tissues.

Even though cold laser therapy isn’t a complicated procedure for you to endure, our team knows it may offer you many benefits. For one thing, this therapy may help to relieve your pain. The laser light may provide this benefit because it has the ability to decrease the sensitivity of the nerves in your back. Another benefit cold laser therapy may offer you is improving blood circulation. Laser light from the laser device our therapists use may work to widen arteries and veins, which may help flush toxins from the damaged tissue. The increase in blood flow will also allow repair cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients. Other benefits you may get from our cold laser therapy include reduced amounts of scar tissue from injuries and much faster healing.

Are you interested in seeing if cold laser therapy may bring benefits to your lower back pain treatment? Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy is here to help. All you have to do is take one easy step.

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