Overcoming obstacles, Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation patient Nathan Davies completes his soccer-juggling fundraising mission across Lesotho

Nathan Davies Arrow Physical Therapy

Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is proud to congratulate our patient Nathan Davies on the successful completion of his world record-breaking journey to juggle a soccer ball across the entire nation of Lesotho and raise funds for local orphans.

Nathan, a lifelong soccer player and active coach in New Jersey, set out for his bold 208-mile trip in late February after training for months to prepare for this challenge.  For the next eleven-and-a-half days, he juggled a soccer ball over a variety of terrain across all of Lesotho, a small landlocked country in South Africa with the third highest HIV rate in the world.

While successful, the journey was not without its obstacles.  On the first day, only 12 miles into the challenge, Nathan developed a major blister on his right foot that eventually forced him to stop.  The first section of the trip over the Sani Pass also proved to be quite difficult for juggling a soccer ball, as the uneven road was littered with rocks and big potholes, causing Nathan to drop the ball a few times during this period.  Undaunted, Nathan persevered on, taping the blister with duct tape for the remainder of the trip and eventually reaching paved roads which led to much smoother travels and only a few ball drops from that point on.

Nathan was also met with encouragement and motivation throughout the 208 miles of his trip, as the welcoming people of Lesotho cheered for him and shouted famous soccer player names like “Messi!” and “Ronaldo!” along the way.  Word even traveled all the way up to the Prime Minister of Lesotho, who heard about Nathan’s inspirational challenge and invited him for lunch the day after its completion to discuss soccer and how his mission would help many orphaned children in Lesotho.

After eleven-and-a-half days—exactly as long as predicted—through rugged terrain, windy conditions and a minor foot injury, Nathan was greeted with fanfare and smiling faces as he finally made it to the finish line on March 1.  Nathan was able to raise about $7,000 for this world record-breaking journey, which he plans to put completely towards getting homeless orphans affected by HIV or AIDS off the streets and into local orphanages throughout Lesotho.

To capture all the important moments of Nathan’s mission, a documentary titled Kick Across Lesotho is currently in production and expected to be released soon.  You can view the trailer for the documentary here.

We at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation LLC are honored that we were able to help Nathan prepare for his challenge and congratulate him on the task.  We remind you to come in to any of our three locations in Woodbridge, Union or Edison, NJ for any lingering pain or other problems.  Call 732-494-0895 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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