Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation helps Nathan Davies prepare for a soccer-juggling quest across Lesotho to raise money for orphans

Nathan Davies Arrow Physical Therapy

Lifelong soccer enthusiast Nathan Davies is preparing to embark on a truly unique and inspiring journey on February 16: he will attempt to become the first person in history to juggle a soccer ball across the entire nation of Lesotho to raise money for local children.  In training for this remarkable task, Nathan has worked hard to stay in top shape, and to accomplish this he’s reached out for guidance and professional advice from the staff at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Nathan started playing soccer at an early age in his hometown of Wales near the border of England, when his passion for the game developed and continued to grow throughout his life.  His avid involvement in soccer led him to play as a semi-professional in the National League of Wales and eventually into coaching.  Nathan now plays indoor soccer in New Jersey, where he also has 13 years of coaching experience and has started his own company, First Kicks, where he works exclusively with children 2-6 years old to teach them soccer and encourage their enthusiasm for the game.

His bold mission will bring his passion for soccer to Lesotho, a small landlocked country in South Africa that currently has the third highest rate of HIV in the world, with 23.2% of the population afflicted.  In the already-poor nation of Lesotho, the prevalence of HIV has led to as many as 100,000 children orphaned as a result of the disease, leaving them without homes, education or any means to survive.

Nathan’s goal is to raise $15,000 for Kick4Life, a non-profit organization that uses soccer to provide support and assist the needs of the many vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS.  With the funds raised, Nathan and Kick4Life plan to help orphaned children while attacking the disease and facilitating development in local communities.

The soccer-juggling journey will take place 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above sea level and will see Nathan traverse over 208 miles of mountainous terrain, all while he carefully keeps a soccer ball in the air with his feet.

In training for this feat, Nathan has consulted Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Woodbridge, Union and Edison, where he’s been given a rigorous regimen to keep him in ultimate shape.  Training consists of juggling 5-10 miles per session and he recently completed the Millburn 5K while juggling to raise money.

The staff at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation wishes Nathan the best of luck as he sets out on his daring expedition, and reminds you to visit any of our three locations or call us at 732-494-0895 if you have any aches or pains.

For more information or to help Nathan reach his goal with a donation, click here.


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