You may experience lower back pain when you have an issue with your lower back. What you may not know is that there are other symptoms of lower back problems, and one of these symptoms may surprise you. 

Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation has offices in the Edison, Woodbridge and Union, New Jersey areas. Our staff is here to help you find the best physical therapy for your condition. One thing that allows us to find you the best therapy is our personalized therapy plans. We don’t just use the same therapy for every patient with a back problem. Instead, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and help you create reachable goals by creating a therapy plan just for you. Our approach is helpful for many types of conditions, but we’ve used it with particular success for patients with lower back pain. 

A symptom that may also show up with your lower back pain

Our team knows that lower back pain is only the most noticeable symptom of your lower back issue. You are likely aware that back conditions such as sciatica or spinal stenosis may cause a variety of symptoms. However, there’s one symptom that you may not associate with your lower back issue at all. 

Tingling in your buttocks, legs or feet is a symptom that many of our patients don’t realize is connected to their back problem. But, we know that this is a common early and recurring symptom of a lower back issue. The reason your lower back problem causes this symptom is simple. Most of your lower body nerves and blood vessels run through your lower back. 

Lower back problems are typically caused by issues that move your spinal structures out of their normal alignment. This abnormal alignment can result in nerves or blood vessels that run down into your lower body being pinched or otherwise affected. The restriction of your nerves or blood flow from a lower back problem is what results in the tingling sensation, but most of our patients don’t realize it’s a lower back issue symptom at first since the tingling appears in their lower body and not in their back. 

It’s important that you stay alert for symptoms of your lower back problems, even ones as unlikely as leg or foot tingling. Even more important, you should let your therapy team know what symptoms you’re experiencing. That way we can help you find the most effective therapy for you. 

The most important thing about a lower back problem is not to wait to find treatment for it. To begin your lower back pain treatment, contact our Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation team today to schedule your first appointment. 

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