Tension Headache Physical Therapy

You feel your neck start to tighten, and in just a few minutes your head starts pounding. This is a scenario that many people deal with on a daily basis in Edison, New Jersey. Tension headache physical therapy can help people in this area find relief from daily head pain, and the Active Release Technique® is one common technique used by Edison-based physical therapists.

What is the Active Release Technique ®?

One of the main factors that cause tension headaches is tense neck and shoulder muscles. The Active Release Technique®, or active release, is designed to help reduce tension in these muscles and other soft tissue. 

Areas of tension build up in the neck and shoulder muscles because of repetitive movements, poor posture and injuries. These areas of tension are called trigger points, and they restrict the movement of muscle fibers. Injuries are especially good trigger point creators. This is because injuries cause areas of scar tissue, or adhesions, in the muscles, and adhesions can often cause a trigger point to form. 

In the case of neck and shoulder muscles, these trigger points can also be the cause of frequent tension headaches. Active release allows therapists to use more than 500 movements to help reduce trigger points, which can help reduce tension headache frequency. 

What is an active release session like? 

An active release session aimed at reducing decreasing the number of tension headaches you have will consist of two basic parts. 

1.   Evaluation

The first part of an active release session will be an evaluation of your condition. For tension headache sufferers, this means the physical therapist will use their hands to search for areas of tension in your neck and shoulder muscles. They may also move your neck and shoulders in various ways. These movements are intended to help the therapist figure out how badly your movements are restricted by tension. 

2.   Treatment

Once the evaluation portion is complete, the therapist will then move on to the treatment part of the active release session. This will involve using hand movements to manipulate the soft tissue in ways that are designed to release the tension in trigger points. The large number of active release movements available allow therapists to better personalize the treatment to your needs. 

Find the Active Release Technique® at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Are you ready to find a physical therapy team who can treat your tension headaches with active release? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has a team at our Edison clinic that can help. Our success is based on combining techniques like active release and others to create personalized therapy plans, and these plans are intended to offer benefits such as: 

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved neck and shoulder mobility
  • Reduced headache frequency
  • Information about preventing future headaches

Take the next step to reduce your tension headache frequency. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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