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Our 3-step guide to using a foam roller for knee pain

Research shows that about 1 out of every 4 adults in the U.S. experiences chronic knee pain. That’s a massive portion of the population that experiences knee pain on more than one occasion. There are lots of reasons why one might experience it, including osteoarthritis and bursitis. No matter the reason, physical therapy can help you manage your pain through rehabilitative and strengthening treatment.

One particular method that many people use both at home and in physical therapy to alleviate this symptom is foam rolling. Learn why it’s such a great way to treat this condition and how exactly to use a roller in our guide.

Why does a foam roller help with knee pain?

Foam rolling can be an extremely effective treatment for those with knee pain. This is because it stimulates blood flow to reduce inflammation and loosens tissue in the surrounding areas. It’s never a good idea to use one directly on the knee; instead, use it on muscles surrounding your knee.

3 tips for using a foam roller to alleviate knee pain

  • Use it on the muscles around your knee, not on your knee directly — This tip is one of the most important to remember when rolling. If you use the roller on your knee directly, you risk injuring yourself further and causing more long-term pain. You should roll the tissue above and below the knee for best results.
  • Know which muscle groups to roll — Aside from the tissue right next to your knees, you could benefit from addressing the muscle groups in your legs because they actually impact the health of your knees. Be sure to roll your calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings.
  • Squeeze and relax — You should make sure to squeeze, or contract, your muscles before you begin rolling and on your initial rolls, and then relax your muscles as much as possible. This is a technique that has proved to increase the efficacy of foam rolling for long-term pain relief.

Find effective treatment for your knee pain at Arrow PTR

Are you unsure about the cause of your knee pain? Have you been wanting to try out foam rolling but you’re not sure how? At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we offer free screenings geared toward answering your questions, discussing treatment options and helping you find a solution to address your needs. Customized physical therapy plans can be helpful for people looking to restore mobility and reduce or alleviate symptoms of pain. We specifically offer services for treating knee pain. To read more in our blog posts, click here.

Contact us today to schedule your free screening and to determine if physical therapy is the right option for you.

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