Reason for getting into Physical Therapy:

The love of helping people and the interest in the anatomy of the body.

Share a memorable moment about a patient recovery:

A patient back when I was an Aide did not believe in physical therapy and was very negative. Visit after visit we would talk to her and keep her positive. After about six visits her strength increased drastically in both her legs and back. After about twelve visits she was doing everything with ease and was feeling great. She was suffering from Sciatica and had bilateral knee replacements in the past. This patient overcame her own odds and that empowered me and showed me that physical therapy will work with time, effort and in the end brings us all to work together.

Interesting hobbies outside of work:

Sports/Outdoor Activities, Playing Music and spending time with my son.

What is the one question patients ask you the most?

When will you be a physical therapist?