Dr. Chirag Gandhi, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist


Rutgers University (South DPT Program)

Reason for getting into Physical Therapy:

When I use to play tennis in high school, I frequently got injured ranging from tennis elbow to shin splints.  So I attended physical therapy to remedy these impairments and fell in love with the profession from that point on.  I always was intrigued by human anatomy and biomechanics on how the body works which furthered my interest in PT.

Share a memorable moment about a patient recovery:

I had an 8 year old child who had a rare diagnose of Angelman’s who was unable to take one step by himself, constantly falling and getting distracted with things around him. After a few months of working with me and my clinical instructor, we were able to help to make him walk independently through a school hallway by himself. He had a big smile on this face when he completed this task which will have a lasting image in my head till the end of time.

Interesting hobbies outside of work:

I like playing tennis, playing videogames, cooking, hiking, running, traveling, and anything else that keeps me outdoors and being active.  I love to try new experiences and new food.

What’s the one question patients ask you most?:

Am I related to Gandhi? Haha