Dr. Marjorie Galema
Director of Rehabilitation

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Union, NJ


Kean University B.A. Biology, Rutgers University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Reason for getting into Physical Therapy:

To restore and revitalize lives of the people in the community.

Share a memorable moment about a patient recovery:

A young girl I treated suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left her unable to stand and ambulate. It was her goal to be able to stand again so my clinical instructor and I trialed the use of an AFO to provide her with stability when standing. As tough as it was to just stand up the first day, she kept pushing herself and with each day it became easier and easier, allowing her to get closer to her goal.

Interesting hobbies outside of work:

Snowboarding, attending concerts, macramé, hiking, visiting national parks.

What’s the one question patients ask you most?

What is your ethnicity?