Dr. Shi-Feng Lin, Director of Rehabilitation

Arrow Location: Woodbridge

Name: Shi-Feng Lin

Title: Director of Rehabilitation

Hometown: New York City

Education: The Sage Colleges

Reason for getting into Physical Therapy:

Fascinated with how the human body is linked together during anatomy & physiology lab, I decided to pursue an internship in Physical Therapy. After spending a month in the clinic, I find my calling and career.

Share a memorable moment about a patient recovery:

Patient came in for pre-rehab after tearing her ACL. She saw her MD on the day of the surgery and a MRI of the knee was taken. To her surprise, the ACL healed…and she came back the next day with a script for Physical Therapy for the next 6 weeks. She resume work and running thereafter.

Interesting hobbies outside of work:

I play basketball outside of work and enjoy improv comedy.

What’s the one question patients ask you most?:

How do I pronounce your name and what does it mean?

Additional spoken languages: