Seeing our Union physical therapists first is the best possible choice after an injury

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Spring is certainly a time of rebirth and renewal, and for bringing back some of the things in our lives that may have taken a temporary hiatus. For many New Jerseyans, one of the top slots on that list is outdoor exercise, which the bitter cold of winter has made difficult—or at least less-than-enjoyable—for the past few months.

The welcomed return of spring opens up the door for all types of activities, no matter your interest. Running, biking, golf, tennis and baseball are a few popular options, while others may enjoy rollerblading, kayaking, wakeboarding or hiking. All outdoor activities are beneficial for your health, but there’s one potential downside: the risk for injury.

Overuse injuries, which occur when muscles, joints and other body parts are overworked without enough time for recovery, are especially common this time of year. The main problem is that many people are eager to pick up their training or activities right where they left off. Unfortunately, even if you’ve been exercising in the gym or elsewhere with a modified routine over the winter, switching to outdoor activities will engage your muscles and joints in ways that they may not be ready for. As a result, they can be more vulnerable to a number of different injuries, such as runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis, low back pain and ulnar collateral ligament injuries.

If an injury does happen to occur, you’re left with a choice: do I go to my primary doctor first, or should I try to see a physical therapist instead? Unfortunately, some people may not even realize that this second option is actually available, as they may believe that seeing their doctor for further guidance is the only possible approach. The truth is something all Americans should be aware of: In all 50 states and Washington, DC, state laws allow for an evaluation and some form of treatment by a physical therapist without a prescription or referral from a doctor.

The availability of this option can truly make a difference in your life, as well as the size of your wallet. For example, seeing our Union physical therapists first for any type of injury will be certain to save you time and money. According to research, here are some specific ways going to a physical therapist first can be beneficial for you:

Benefits of seeing a physical therapist first

  • Costs less than seeing a doctor first
  • Reduces the likelihood of having surgery, injections and repeat doctor visits; fewer doctor visits means less time to recovery
  • Significantly less expensive than surgery for various injuries
  • Treats the actual problem, rather than the symptoms; this will reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications that only mask the problem
  • Helps with overall fitness, as physical therapists can offer advice on how to stay physically active and keep a healthy weight
  • Physical therapists work with patients on a individual basis throughout the entire course of treatment, and will help prevent future injuries

When it comes to dealing with an injury, the power of choice is in your hands. Deciding to see our Woodbridge, Edison, Somerville or Union physical therapists first will save you time and money, and will leave you with a better overall outcome. So if you find yourself faced with an injury this spring, give Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation a call at 908-258-8782 or contact us before your doctor, and you’ll be back out there moving again in no time. For more information on the benefits of physical therapy, click here.

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