Torn ACL Treatment

The knee is made up of four major ligaments that help connect the thighbone to the shin bone. The ligament most important for providing stability to the knee and preventing it from twisting is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

The ACL is a thick ligament that runs through the middle of your knee between the shinbone and the thighbone. The ligament is not a single piece but is actually a collection of woven strands of soft tissue that is strong enough to resist a lot of pressure. However, too much pressure on the ligament can cause it to tear.

Understanding ACL tears

A torn ACL is painful and can make your leg feel unstable. This makes it difficult to subject your knee to the kinds of motions necessary for demanding physical activities, such as jumping, kicking and changing directions while running. 

The ACL can tear as the result of a sudden twisting or rolling motion in the knee from changing directions too abruptly or from blunt impact. Since the ACL is a collection of woven tissue, it cannot repair itself. This would be similar to expecting all of the strands of a braided rope to reconnect after cutting the rope in half. 

For some people, an ACL tear is not a major issue. People who are not active in sports or any physically demanding activities can still walk and run after recovering from the injury. However, if you want to regain complete use of your knee, you will need ACL reconstruction surgery to replace the torn ACL with solid tissue. 

What can physical therapists do to treat torn ACLs?

Whether you need ACL reconstruction surgery or just need help overcoming the initial pain and difficulties of an ACL tear, physical therapists can help. Physical therapists specialize in techniques that can help you reduce pain, regain range of motion and improve the strength and flexibility of your knee.

If you need surgery, physical therapists can work with you before and after the operation to help improve the outcome of the operation. Physical therapy treatments can reduce pain during recovery and improve recovery time. 

Visit Arrow Physical Therapy in Union, NJ, for torn ACL treatment

If you live near Union, New Jersey, and have a torn ACL, you can visit Arrow Physical Therapy for treatment. Our physical therapists can help you overcome your ACL injury and improve your ability to use your knee. Contact our team today to learn more about torn ACL treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.

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