Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation we often treat overuse injuries that occur over time from repetitive motions.

We employ Active Release Techniques® (ART), which combines a massage-based procedure with specific movements that vary based on the affected area.

This patented procedure benefits all types of patients suffering from soft tissue injury, from the professional athlete to the “weekend warrior” to the office professional. Soft tissue injuries can produce dense scar tissue in the affected area reducing range of motion and strength, and can cause chronic pain.

During an ART session, our physical therapists evaluate the texture, tightness and range of motion of the affected area. When a problem area is identified, the tissues are treated through the combination of precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements. These specific moves – 500 in the protocol – are exclusive to ART and are performed simultaneously as our therapists work their hands to loosen and free scar tissue. This combination helps to break up the scar tissue and reteach muscles the proper movements in order to prevent future injury.

Conditions we can treat with ART:

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