Auto Accident Recovery with Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Auto Accident Recovery

Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers auto accident recovery and treatment to patients throughout Union, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey.

In one instant your life can change. In one instant, you can transform from a healthy, active adult to one who is living with chronic pain. If you have suffered through an auto accident and are looking for physical therapy and treatment, our team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation can help you reclaim your pain-free lifestyle. With our personalized treatments and hands-on approach, we can guide you on your journey to recovery and rehabilitation.

Common injuries and treatments resulting from an auto accident

One of the most common injuries caused by auto accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is described as the sudden and violent movement of the neck from forward to backward, although some cases on whiplash can be caused from the neck being thrown from side to side. This sudden movement can result in severe and sometimes chronic neck pain. Typically, the underlying cause of this pain could be due to a number of injuries caused by the auto accident, such as:

  • Torn neck muscles
  • Bulging or herniated disc
  • Pinched nerve

At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we provide a number of auto accident treatment options to help our patients recover from the chronic pain that can result from these injuries. Some of the services we offer to help patients recover from automobile accidents include:

For many patients, a consistent routine of guided physical therapy and treatment can reduce the pain and symptoms caused by an auto accident. Our team of certified therapists will create a personalized plan to help you recapture your pain-free lifestyle.

To learn more about our auto accident treatment options, or to schedule an appointment with our team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, contact us below.

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