Common Injuries from Auto Accidents

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Auto accidents are sudden and unexpected, and they can sometimes leave victims with a number of painful injuries. Even less catastrophic auto accidents can cause injury to the spine, which can result in pain or stiffness in the neck or back.

If you have recently experienced an auto accident and you have developed pain in the neck or back, you should see a doctor to determine what is causing you pain and what treatment options are best suited to your condition and lifestyle. Take a moment to read through some of the common neck and back injuries that may develop as a result of an auto accident, and be sure to ask your doctor any questions you may have about the injury or recovery process.

Common injuries that may cause neck and back pain after an auto accident

The most common areas of pain and injury after an auto accident are the neck and back. The reason for this is because the spine, which extends from the base of the skull down to the tailbone, is whipped back and forth suddenly when your vehicle collides with another object. This sudden, violent whipping can cause a number of injuries, including:

  • Whiplash – Typically occurring in the neck, whiplash results from a sudden whipping motion of the neck  from the back to the front. This is especially common in auto accidents, as well as in sports injuries and other sudden collisions.
  • Herniated or bulging disc – Often caused in conjunction with whiplash, a herniated or bulging disc occurs when the spinal vertebrae compress a cushioning disc and cause it to bulge outward, pressing a nearby nerve and causing pain.
  • Pinched nerve – Often a result of spinal injuries such as torn muscles (whiplash) or bulging discs, a pinched nerve occurs when a muscle or spinal component presses on a nearby nerve and causes signals of pain to extend from the nerve into surrounding areas of the body.

If you are experiencing any of these injuries as a result of an auto accident, you should see a doctor to discuss an appropriate treatment program to help you recapture your lifestyle prior to your auto accident. At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we offer personalized treatment programs that work to heal our patients while still maintaining their lifestyle and goals. For more information about our treatments or to find out where our offices are located in Union, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey, contact us today.