At-home Treatments for Sore Muscles After an Auto Accident

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Soreness in the neck or back after an auto accident is common, and while it may indicate a need for a medical professional to provide treatment, it may also be treated at home with common household remedies.

You should note that soreness and stiffness in the neck or back may not always appear immediately after an auto accident. In some cases, the pain may not develop until hours after the accident when the shock and adrenaline of the incident has subsided. For this reason, it is important not to perform any serious physical activity until you have been seen and cleared by a doctor.

What are the first steps to treating a sore neck or back after an auto accident

While you should always see a doctor after being in an auto accident, there are some treatments you can perform at home that may reduce your pain and stiffness. The two most common areas of pain after an auto accident are the neck and back. This is often because the spine, which stretches from the base of the head to the tailbone, can sometimes be whipped back and forth during impact, causing damage to the surrounding muscles and sometimes even the spinal discs themselves. These home treatments are only meant to address sore muscles, and not pain caused by damage to spinal discs.

A few at-home treatment options used to reduce the pain caused by an auto accident include:

  • Alternating hot and cold compresses on the sore muscles
  • Gentle stretching (do NOT continue if the stretching causes pain)
  • Anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication

These three steps may help reduce the pain and stiffness you experience after an auto accident. If the pain continues for more than 24-hours, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor or local physical therapist to create a more targeted plan toward pain relief.

Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers auto accident recovery treatment

Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers a number of treatments for patients suffering from auto accident injuries. We have three offices located in Union, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey. Take a moment to read more about our treatment options here, and contact us today to schedule an appointment. With our knowledgeable staff and personalized treatment programs, we can help you regain your normal lifestyle after an auto accident.