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When your child is dealing with an issue that requires pediatric rehab, you’re probably looking to find the absolute best physical therapy team to assist them. At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of issues in children that may require physical therapy and pediatric rehabilitation.

What is pediatric rehab?

Pediatric rehab is a form of physical therapy in which a plan is developed to help children deal with a variety of physical and cognitive issues that they may be facing. Some issues they may be dealing with include congenital conditions, growth-related conditions and developmental disorders.

In addition to issues such as these, your child may also be injured while playing sports. Some of the sports injuries that our team can help your child with include:

During their recovery process, our team will work closely with your child and your support team to ensure that your child has access to a comprehensive rehab program that they can use every single day.

We realize that such a goal can only be accomplished by a team of people that has your child’s best interests at heart. This is why our therapists always work closely with you, your pediatrician, your child’s school and other important parts of your child’s support system to ensure that your child’s pediatric rehab process is taking place in locations other than our office.

Techniques that may be used in your child’s pediatric rehab

Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation has a variety of tools and techniques at its disposal to assist your child with their pediatric rehab needs, such as:


The primary way that our team addresses rehab situations involving children is through education, and there are two types of education that we may include in your child’s rehab program. The first type of education that may be included in a rehab plan for your child is education for you, other family members and caregivers on exactly what is involved in your child’s rehab program. This may include instruction in areas such as managing the symptoms of your child’s illness, physical disability or injury, the types of exercises involved in your child’s rehab program and equipment that they use to perform physical therapy exercises.

Additionally, this education may instruct you and your child’s other caregivers in any necessary behavioral modifications included in the therapy program for things such as gait and posture.

The second type of education that is commonly included in rehab plans for children is preventive education. This type of education is designed to show you, your child and your child’s other caregivers how to prevent issues from recurring in the future.

While this type of education is not always possible depending on your child’s condition, our team will use it whenever possible to ensure that your child has a better chance to continue to develop their physical abilities normally in the future.

Other Techniques

Even though education is the primary technique that the therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation may use in a rehab plan for your child, other techniques may be included in a therapy plan as well, such as:

  • Electrical stimulation (TENS) Extremely light and painless electrical pulses are sent through the body to relieve muscle tension.
  • Cold Therapy — Ice packs are used to reduce inflammation caused by injuries or muscle sprains or strains. This technique may help to shorten your child’s healing process.
  • Heat Therapy — Sources of heat, such as heating pads, are used to relax your child’s tense muscles, tendons and ligaments.

By using these and other physical therapy techniques, the team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation can create a dedicated pediatric rehab plan to fit your child’s needs.

Taking the first steps toward a pediatric rehab plan

At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our team has developed some simple steps that you can take to allow you to help your child begin a pediatric rehab program with us.

The first of these steps is to schedule an initial evaluation of your child. In this evaluation, one of our friendly and experienced physical therapists will assess your child’s condition and the areas of the body that their condition is affecting. This therapist will then sit down with you and your child and use this information to create a personalized rehab plan that your child can use in our office and at home.

For additional information about our pediatric rehab services or to schedule an initial evaluation for your child, contact the team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation today at Edison, Woodbridge & Union, NJ Centers.