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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers post-surgical rehabilitation. Restoring patients to function after surgery to maximize the results of the procedure and prevent recurrence of the condition.

What is Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Utilizing a wide variety of techniques to improve strength, flexibility and mobility, at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation we also employ the latest modalities in our comprehensive approach. We work closely with surgeons to gain the best results possible by utilizing specific protocols. Our extensive experience in areas such as orthopedics, for example, enables us to offer the best possible outcomes.

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation we pride ourselves in our caring and sensitive approach to the rigors of surgical recovery. We work to speed recovery with the utmost care for our patients’ safety. As such, we customize every program and provide one-on-one communication and careful consultation with surgeons and other involved healthcare providers.

We are also dedicated to educating our patients about their surgery, the healing process and the best road to continued function and injury prevention, in order to equip them with the tools to best heal themselves.

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