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Spinal Rehab

Spinal rehab is one of the most commonly used physical therapy practices at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. The use of this type of rehab is common for a variety of reasons. One reason it’s so commonly necessary is that approximately 85% of the adults in the United States will experience an episode of serious back pain at least one time in their lives.

Another reason is that traumatic incidents like a car accident or even something as simple as improperly lifting a box may be enough to cause you to experience mild to extreme back pain.

These and other types of incidents can cause spinal problems because you have so many things in your back that can be easily injured. Indeed, your spine consists of 33 vertebrae, and these vertebrae are attached to hundreds of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Any one of these spinal structures could be injured or restricted in a way that may cause you to have problems with your spine and encourage you to seek out spinal rehab.

How to tell if you need spinal rehab?

There are many ways that your body may be telling you that you need spinal rehab. The biggest indicator that you may need this form of physical therapy is that you’re experiencing mild to severe pain in your spine or in supporting structures throughout your back, such as your back muscles.

Another indicator that you may notice is that you’re having more difficulty sitting, standing for extended periods of time or performing other normal day-to-day activities due to a problem with your spine.

While there are other indicators that you may notice as well, these two are likely to be the most common indicators that you should consider seeking attention from a medical professional or physical therapist for your back pain.

What is spinal rehab?

Spinal rehab may not be something that you’ve ever considered or heard of before you started experiencing back pain. If this is the case, then our team wants to help you understand just what spinal rehab is.

This form of rehabilitation is a physical therapy-based method in which our physical therapists will seek to help you with your spinal issue in several ways.

First, our team will use physical therapy-based treatments that may help to return your spine to its normal alignment. We’ll also attempt to help with healing and re-educating your supporting spinal structures, such as your core muscles, and our therapists will also provide you with information that may allow you to potentially prevent future spinal issues from developing.

    What your spinal rehab may include at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

    At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our team is dedicated to using the most innovative and research-based techniques to help treat your back pain. Indeed, our team is constantly educating themselves on new forms of physical therapy that may help you address your spinal problems.

    Some of the conditions that we can assist you with include:

    Another type of technique that may be included in your rehab plan is electric stimulation. This physical therapy technique uses a machine to generate electrical pulses through pads attached to your skin. These electrical pulses passively contract and relax your spinal muscles, and these movements may help to reduce your spinal pain and promote healing in your injured spinal structures.

    In addition to techniques such as these, your rehab program will also include various forms of education that may help reduce your pain. This education may include discussions with your therapist about topics like methods of improving your posture or proper lifting techniques. These educational topics may, in turn, help you to avoid spinal injuries in the future for which spinal rehab is necessary.

    How you can start spinal rehab

    One of the first people that you may visit when you start experiencing pain associated with your spine is your primary care physician. Your doctor will most likely recommend that you seek spinal rehab from a dedicated physical therapy team just like the one that we have at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

    If you’re referred by your doctor, we’ll work closely with them to ensure that every possible method is used to assist in reducing your back pain and helping to prevent it from recurring.

    If you’re looking for a more direct way to begin your spinal rehab, you’re always welcome to get in touch with the team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation directly and schedule an initial evaluation of your condition.

    To learn more about the spinal rehab services offered by our team or to schedule an initial evaluation, contact Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation now at Edison, Woodbridge & Union, NJ Centers.

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