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Sports Rehab

Sports are a fun way to increase your level of physical activity, but no matter what sport you choose to play, it can also lead to injuries such as sprains, strains and other injuries.

What Is Sports Rehab?

If you’ve experienced an injury playing sports, then you may want to consider seeking sports rehab. However, before you subject yourself to any medical treatment, including physical therapy-based sports rehab, it’s always a good idea to learn a little bit about the methods of treatment available.

Sports rehab is the primary way that the physical therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation address sports injuries. In fact, our highly educated and experienced physical therapy professionals can help you find the physical therapy techniques that may help to more quickly heal your injury and  teach you ways that you could prevent future injuries.

When do you needs sports rehabilitation?

You may be playing tennis one day and feel a sharp pain in your shoulder after you make a blistering overhand shot. Or perhaps you’re playing football and have to make a sudden stop to avoid being tackled, which leads to a burning pain in your knee.

No matter what action caused it to appear, pain is the biggest indicator that you have an injury that requires sports rehab. There may also be other symptoms that indicate that you need to seek help from a sports therapist.

One such symptom that should indicate that you need to seek help is if you notice any swelling in the area that you have injured.

Another indicator that you should be on the lookout for after a sports injury is if you’re experiencing difficulty moving the injured area or performing your normal daily activities.

Yet another possible indication that you should seek sports rehab might be that you notice the injured area is hot or tender to the touch.

All of these symptoms are indicators that you should seek attention from a doctor or licensed sports therapist as soon as possible.

    Diagnosing your need for sports rehab

    There are several ways that you can be diagnosed with a need for sports rehab. One way is to visit your primary care physician after you’ve been injured, and he or she may recommend that you see a sports therapist. A second way that you may be diagnosed is by scheduling an appointment with a physical therapy specialist directly.

    Regardless of how your initial diagnosis is obtained, our team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation will always perform an initial evaluation to determine exactly what the extent of your injury is and what body structures your injury is affecting.

    We will then use that information to develop a sports rehab plan for you that uses techniques that we know will be the most beneficial to your specific injury.

    Treating your injury with sports rehab

    The team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation will always help you develop a sports rehab plan that is specific to your needs. We’ll also use the latest research-based techniques to help you get back to the sport you love as soon as possible.

    Indeed, our experienced team can assist you with sports injuries, such as:

    There are a variety of techniques that our sports therapists may include in your sports rehab plan to help you recover from these and other injuries.

    One common technique that our team uses is active and passive stretching.

    In active stretching, you’re encouraged to stretch the muscles surrounding your injured body part on your own. With passive stretching, on the other hand, a sports therapist will move and stretch your body parts using their hands and other tools without any movement on your part.

    An additional technique that may be included in your personalized sports rehab plan by our team is active release. This technique involves one of our sports therapists massaging the muscles around your injury with their hands in order to restore circulation and help re-educate your muscles.

    These are just some of the techniques that the team at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation may include in a sports rehab plan to assist you with your injury.

    Contact our team today at Edison, Woodbridge & Union, NJ Centers for more information about our sports rehab services or to schedule an initial evaluation for your injury.

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