Get Physically and Mentally Ready for Springtime Activities

Springtime Activities Arrow Physical Therapy NJ

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our therapists are gearing up with the warm weather quickly approaching and consulting with our patients on getting healthy for spring.

While many folks were waiting for the warmer weather before coming out of hibernation and returning to an exercise routine, some have been participating in indoor exercise activities. We have a few tips on how to start a healthy warm-weather routine and transition from indoor to outdoor exercise:

  • Work on your balance. If you’ve been exercising on a level treadmill for many months, you’ll want to prepare for the uneven terrain you may encounter outside, which will require your body to activate different muscle fibers. Working on your balance will help your performance and prevent you from falling.
  • Remember to stretch. Stretching prepares the body for activities, and increases your flexibility and ability to avoid injury such as strains and sprains.
  • Eat healthier. Healthier eating habits also help get your body ready for some spring activities. Often in the winter we turn to what we call comfort foods – those that are rich, high in fats and bad carbs. Start enjoying some seasonal produce and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.
  • Get mentally prepared. Get your mind ready by heading outside for some fresh air. If you don’t practice winter sports, you’ve likely not had a chance to enjoy the outdoors in a few months. Take a moment to step outside into the sunshine to help brighten your day.
  • Take it slowly. Ease your way into those outdoor activities to ensure your body adapts to changes in terrain and even the air you breathe. You don’t want to do too much at once if your body isn’t ready and then have to take time off because of a preventable injury.
  • Have fun in the sun. After a long winter, we often just want to cut loose and have some fun with our activities. Be sure your activities don’t seem like a chore so that you stay on track and don’t lose focus on getting fit and healthy this spring.

Call Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for more information and tips on how to eat and exercise healthier this spring: Edison: (732) 494-0895 or Woodbridge: (732) 388-4184

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