The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes, and this structure can become tense, inflamed and painful. When it does, you have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Physical therapists in Woodbridge, New Jersey, can help you find the most effective treatment options for this condition. One of these options could include exercises to stretch the plantar fascia, and two exercises in particular are likely to be used by a physical therapist near you for plantar fasciitis treatment: 

  1. Assisted toe extension

One exercise that physical therapists can use to stretch the plantar fascia is the assisted toe extension. Before you begin this stretch, you’ll need to sit down in a stable chair. Once you’re seated, you’ll get into the starting position for this exercise, and this will involve raising your injured foot so that your ankle is resting on the opposite knee. 

Now that you’re in the starting position, grasp your toes with one hand and slowly bend your toes and ankle back toward your shin. When you feel a moderate stretch in the bottom of your foot, hold that position for about 10 seconds. You can also use your other hand to massage the bottom of your foot, which can increase the effectiveness of this stretch. After the 10 seconds are up, allow your foot to return to the start position, and then repeat these steps three to five more times. 

  1. Raised calf stretch

Stretching the calf muscle can help treat plantar fasciitis by placing less tension on this ligament. This is why your physical therapist may recommend a stretching exercise called the raised calf stretch for your treatment plan. 

To begin this exercise, you should go to the bottom step of a staircase. Then, you’ll want to place both feet flat on this stair. The final thing you’ll need to do to get into the starting position for the raised calf stretch is to place the ball of the injured foot on the edge of the step. From this position, slowly allow the heel of the injured foot to drop toward the ground until you feel a stretch in your calf. Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and then slowly raise your heel back to the starting position. You should continue to repeat these steps until you’ve done three to five repetitions. 

Plantar fasciitis treatment can be found at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Woodbridge, NJ

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Woodbridge, our team is highly experienced at treating plantar fasciitis and many other injuries. Our ability to deal with a wide range of injuries is helped by the fact that we build personalized therapy plans for each patient. These plans are intended to provide you with many benefits, and they’re designed using effective therapy techniques such as: 

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment to begin treating your plantar fasciitis. 

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