Neck pain can range from a light ache to severe pain that not only impacts your neck, but can also impact your shoulders, down to your arms and hands. Most of the time, the pain resides after a few days, but there are those unfortunate times where the neck pain lingers for weeks, or even months. If you find that you’ve been experiencing severe neck pain for longer than a few days, please contact any of our offices in Woodbridge, Edison or Union, NJ. If you are experiencing light neck pain or discomfort, you may be wondering the cause of it, here are a few possibilities.

  1. Sleeping in the wrong position – The cause of your neck pain can be something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position, where you most likely slept in a position that put a strain on your neck muscles. The unfortunate thing is that while this is a such a simple cause, it can still be detrimental to your daily life, leading to headaches, exhaustion and just overall discomfort. To resolve this issue, consider changing up your pillow, perhaps your pillow is either too thin or too thick. Also, think about your typical sleeping position. Are you sleeping on your side or stomach? This can cause your neck to be in an unnatural position. Try sleeping on your back for a couple of nights and see how if that relieves your pain.
  1. Exercise – While exercise is great for the body, it can also cause unintended injury as well, especially to the neck. If not done correctly, neck pain can be the result of the wrong muscles being used or the wrong technique being implemented into a work out regimen, especially if you are not giving your body rest days. To help minimize your chance of experience neck pain, avoid overusing your muscles, and make sure you stretch prior to and after exercise.
  1. Poor posture can cause neck pain – There are many instances that can cause poor posture, everything from sitting in a chair all day at work, to long rides in the car, watching TV or just not focusing on making sure you walk or sit with their shoulders back and stand up straight, causing their neck to suffer. To help avoid bad posture and the accompanying neck pain, use everything from a large exercise ball as a chair or stretches throughout the day to ensure your muscles are getting stiff.

With everything going on in your daily life, neck pain should be the last thing you have to do deal with. If your neck pain is persistent and lingers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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